The Juvenilia of Jane Austen and Charlott Brontë

AUSTEN, Jane; BRONTË, Charlotte. The Juvenilia of Jane Austen and Charlotte Brontë (London, Penguin, 1986). Penguin Classics

Capa: brochura, ilustração “The Novel Reader” de E. M. Ward (coleção privada)

Editado por Frances Beer

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Volume the First

  • Frederic and Elfrida
  • Jack and Alice
  • Edgar and Emma
  • Henry and Eliza
  • The Adventuresmof Mr. Harley
  • Sir William Mountague
  • Memoirs of Mr. Clifford
  • The Beautiful Cassandra
  • Amélia Webster
  • The Visit
  • The Mistery
  • The Three Sisters
  • A Fragment
  • Ode to Pity

Volume the Second

  • Love and Friendship
  • A Collection of Letters

Volume the Third

  • Catharine, or The Bower


Part I: Origins of Angria

  • The History of the Year
  • Two Romantic Tales

Part II: Maria v. Zenobia

  • Characters of Celebrated Men
  • Albion and Marina
  • The Rivals
  • The Bridal
  • Zenobia and Rogue

Part III: Mary

  • A Peep into a Picture Book
  • From my Angria and the Angrians
  • Zamorna Denounces Northangerland
  • Zamorna’s Exile
  • The Return of Zamorna

Part IV: Mina

  • Mina Laury

Part V: Elizabeth

  • Henry Hastings
  • Farewell to Angria